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Have You Ever Asked Yourself After A Bad Game or Practice "What Am I Doing Wrong?" SwingShot Has The Answer!
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Let's be honest. We all swing poorly, miss kicks, serve erratically, throw with bad mechanics. The goal is to do it less often. We know that's easy to say and hard to do. Every athlete develops bad habits that they're unaware of. If left unchecked, these habits become so deeply engrained they are difficult to correct.

That's why coaches and athletes are constantly working on their game. Now you can too . . .

The Greatest Single Innovation
In Sports Instruction

Top coaches, teachers, and instructors universally acknowledge that video analysis is the most impactful innovation in sports training. Before video, athletes had to first understand, and then remember, the flaws their teacher saw in their swing, throw, set up, form, batting stance, etc. It's one thing to hear my elbow is bent, but it's another thing to actually see how much it's bent and where I'm bending it. Seeing is believing.

Before video, athletic performance improvement was all "feel" and guesswork. How else can you fix something you can't see?

Understand The Difference Between Your
"Practice Sessions" And Your "Real Performance"

Some facilities offer video for recording their practice sessions. Practice is great for improving your technique, working on weaknesses, developing your strengths and improving your condition but if you can't see what you've actually done during the game or practice you are limiting yourself towards peak performance. Conditions in practice can be ideal. During a game or practice with teammates it's different. Think about it...

During practice you are:

  • Not able to see what you are doing
  • Not feeling the same pressure as a game or match

Whereas on the field or court you have to:

  • React to the action going on
  • Focus on the opposing players or team
  • Deal with the pressure of playing well.

If you want the maximum benefit from video, you should record and compare both practice and your game. Fortunately, SwingShot makes it easy to record yourself practice and during the game.

Professional athletes and coaches have been recording and studying video footage of their practice rounds for more than a decade. For the rest of us, it's been impractical to hire someone to follow us for an entire session or game with a video camera.

That is, until now...

The SwingShot Camera Changes Everything

What if you could videotape your every shot, always at the perfect angle, without having someone else record you?

Now, you can — with the SwingShot Sports Training Video Camera!

The SwingShot camera was designed by athletes for athletes to make professional-grade video analysis available to everyone. Even PGA tour players think this is a great idea. We now have 18 PGA tour players using our camera in their practice rounds and on the range.

Here Are A Few Key Features:

There is only one button. Press it once to start recording. Press it again to stop. You can even set it to stop automatically if that 2nd button press is too much work. That's it. Really.

The camera is mounted on a three-foot shaft, so the lens is at the perfect height to record the top and bottom of your swing.

The heavy-duty stainless steel turf spike lets you position the camera quickly and safely. Trust us, it's not going anywhere once you've got it in the ground.

There are four different recording modes - Coach, Slow, Train, and Game.

Both models come with tons of battery life. It will likely outlast you on the golf course.

And of course it's water resistant. We wouldn't want the first spring shower to fry your electronics, would we?

It's Dead-Simple To Record Your Swing Anywhere On The Course Or Range - Without Help And Without Slowing Play . . .

Some Guys Think, "I'll Just Use The Camera On My Phone..."

Go ahead... try using your smartphone camera on the course - you will learn what we did.

Your smartphone camera will work fine as long as:

  • you can convince someone in your foursome to record you instead of preparing for their next shot, and
  • you're not worried about slowing down the pace of play, and
  • you don't mind running your phone's battery down, and
  • you can use the shaky inconsistent video, and
  • the phone doesn't ring in the middle of your swing and stop recording.

If you want to make real improvement, you have to use equipment designed for the job.

It’s Not Just For Golfers

You can use SwingShot to analyze and improve your technique in any sport. SwingShot makes it easy to record yourself without assistance or costly accessories.

What About Pebble Beach and St. Andrews?

SwingShot cameras now make it easy to record your favorite golf moments on beautiful courses. Imagine recording your approach to the majestic 7th green at Pebble Beach with waves crashing in the background or the hallowed 17th hole on the Old Course at St. Andrews. With SwingShot you can capture and share once-in-a-lifetime golf memories you'll treasure forever.


Will my SwingShot slow the pace of play?

Absolutely not! As golfers, we knew SwingShot could not slow play - at all - or else we wouldn't want to use it. It only takes a couple seconds to stick it in the ground and press the button as you approach your ball.

Will my SwingShot upset other golfers?

Only if they're jealous! Most golfer's who see SwingShot cameras ask "Where can I get one?"

What good is the video from a SwingShot camera?

Besides showing off your eagle from last weekend . . . You can share video of your swing with your instructor so they can show you how to improve. You can also watch it yourself to prevent bad habits from taking root.

Is there software out there that will analyze my swing for me?

Yes! our free SwingShot Pro mobile app (iOS/Android) enables slow motion, comparisons, annotation, voiceover for easy analysis, zoom and split screen .

Hear What Other Golfers Have To Say...

I'd been struggling with a recurring problem in my game that just wouldn't go away. I talked to different teachers, tried all sorts of different grips, and just nothing worked. It was making me crazy . . . that is, until I got a SwingShot camera! It only took one swing—I'd never watched myself swing on the course before, and I instantly saw what I was doing wrong! SwingShot saved me continued embarrassment and frustration!

Jimmy Smith, 49

While recovering from an unrelated injury, I couldn't play. When I finally was able to pick up my clubs again, my game was terrible. Getting a SwingShot camera made it easy to see what was going on—I got my game back probably twice as fast as I would have otherwise! It's great to be back on the course again, and everyone is amazed how quickly I came back. Thanks, SwingShot!

Eddie Harris, 52

Have you checked out the software that's out there? It's crazy—you can break down your whole swing, piece by piece, and figure out exactly what's working and what isn't. Before I had a SwingShot I was just guessing—now I'm actually making some progress.

Joseph Newmann, 68

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